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Managing your pet's health just got a little easier.

What can you do with your Rapport Pet Portal?
You can see your pet's information all from one source and connect with the clinic in new ways! 

Use our pet portal to schedule your pet's next visit, request a prescription or food refill, review or download your pet's health records...


Here is an outline of what you will now have access to by using our new online pet portal: 

  • Appointments - Convenient online instant scheduling. 
    • Make a new appointment instantly with our online scheduling tool. 
    • See when your next appointment is scheduled or exam is due.
  • Vaccine Due Dates
  • Medical History
    • Request prescription refills 
    • Request prescription food refills
    • Print out proof of vaccination (not a legal version as it is not signed by a doctor)
    • Print out proof of spay or neuter (not a legal version as it is not signed by a doctor)
  • Village at Main Veterinary Hospital Information is at your fingertips anytime of the day!
    • Handy smartphone app that works with android or apple.
  • More communication options that you can customize to reflect your preferences in how we communicate your pets health reminders. 
    • Email 
      • Reminders, both vaccines and appointments
      • Special clinic pricing or updates, occasional education mailings, special events  
      • General contact when your pet is in clinic and after they've been seen.
    • Text Messages 
      • General contact when your pet is in clinic and after they've been seen
    • Automated voice mails for appointment reminders or updates when your pet is in clinic, or after they've been seen.(we will not use this a lot, we prefer to chat with you directly but there may be times when this gets used)
    • We will also send you a brief text reminder when your pet is due for their next dose of Bravecto! 


Read what people are saying about us.

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We took our 5 month old puppy in to get neutered today and had a great experience. They educate you on expenses without making you feel guilty if you decide against extra options. We were able to pick him up 5 hours after dropping him off which was also amazing. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a vet.

Chelsea G.'s

Dr. Genova has been my 4 legged daughter's doctor for her whole life (10 years). He is very personable, informative and kind. I seriously cannot say enough positive things about him.. Why else would I trust him to take care of my baby girl?

The rest of the staff is also very kind. Most of them have changed throughout the years but one thing that hasn't is that you can immediately tell how much they all love animals.

This is definitely one of this places that I wish I could give more than 5 stars to.

John L.

We had our first experience at Village at Main Veterinary Hospital today and I couldn't wait to write a review because of how pleased I was with the entire staff and environment. I arrived way early for my appointment but they took me anyway since it was open with no problem at all. As soon as we walked in the door my puppy and I were greeted with smiles and even staff that didn't run the counter came out and greeted and loved on my puppy as well which really put her at ease. Every staff member acknowledged our presence at some point. We were taken back to an exam room and we saw Dr. Tran who was warm and loving toward my puppy, she really took her time and you could easily see that she loves what she does. Dr. Tran covered all of my questions I had planned to ask as well as asked if I had any others. I would highly recommend this clinic to anybody who has had a bad experience at another clinic because it will totally make up for it as it did in our case. Thank you so much again for making us feel right at home and loving what you guys do, I will continue to drive 30 minutes just to have my pooch continue to see you guys :)

Tiffany B.

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